Wednesday, November 26, 2008

All That Could've Byn

It’s on reflective nights when so moved I
Sometimes think back to all those plans
We made, that toast to our future lives as
The day broke across the sky, and think,

No more. The canvas is empty now;
Your brushstrokes no longer fill the
Page. And all your past works,
They’ve been put away.

Was it a temperament you couldn’t control?
Or did sober days simply take their toll?
Who knows? But even though your life has
Changed I still wish it was different, somehow.

If only it could all start over!
Act in a different way,
Step up above the fray,
Instead of let silence rue the day.

Not so. But though dreams may be dashed,
Thrown aside like life’s discarded trash,
You’ve found your true destination:
Your very own Haven. A child of your own.

She is your art, your masterpiece—
The saving grace I could never be.

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