Thursday, October 23, 2008

Seven Poems

Lonely Prairie Home

Open field where nothing grows
Dead meadow open breeze blows
Each year the farmers collect smaller harvests
And ever winter we grow weaker, more famished.

What is this disease of the land?
We hope for better next year but still the same.

I hate the gray days of endless want.
The dry creek bakes in the sun.
There is emptiness all around.
No more shall the leaves turn in fall.


The tree bark is thick, brown.
I want to eat it. I want the crunch
And the digestive rumble, rupture all.
Resist not the wounding of organs, choke.

Broken Associations

I want to believe but past records show
The ache wrought by beauty’s curse.
It is from this knowledge I escape learning.
How the heart continues to beat, unknown.
The time of living has not arrived, woe.
Come together at once!
Nothing is here to stay.
I pray for you. Do you the same?


You, out! Now. My room
Is not to be disturbed.
Cracks line the walls which are
Bare and white.

Black is the sun which I turn from.
See me not. Close the window. I dream.
Come in. No, it is hopeless, and so are dreams.
What? You with answers. Send them away!

Night is here to stay.

My Vision


Exploding the page
My mind the trigger
Words left in wake
Like craters

Wham-boom! Exclaim!


To make it so I can’t mistake
The I for another I.
Whose I? Mine I?
These subjects left undefined.


The woman at the bar takes a
Drag from her cigarette, exhales
The bitter loss and nostalgia sift
Through the curls of smoke


This is the day of promise
Wishing only a wink away
I control all, don’t you see?
Flick, flick, click
This is the world—
My love screen glow

No one but me
Shall enter

I create the whole
Disregard the fragments
What left with then?
Half-formed expression. Me! See?

Beat the Dog of Repetition

Don’t make me beg for your affections
These knees already scarred and bleeding

The pure wisdom of water
Drink from thy cup

Suck blood from the wounds
Never can get enough

Eat the earth, the day, the night
Make nice with shadows, taste the light

Hurt the dog
He lame, brute

Curse him, like all the others, doomed,
Justified, return to your caves: stay

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